RezdyConnect Overview

What is RezdyConnect and what is the difference with Rezdy API?

RezdyConnect (referred also as External Supplier API) is a solution for suppliers. It is an API hosted on the supplier's system and Rezdy acts as a client. Rezdy makes requests to pull availability and pricing, and to push bookings to the supplier system. Supplier endpoints have to respond with data according to the RezdyConnect specification.

Rezdy API is a solution that can be used by both Suppliers and Agents. It is hosted on Rezdy servers and third parties can build clients to pull data (products/availability) from Rezdy, and push bookings.

When to use RezdyConnect ?

  • If you have a booking system that is well designed for your company
  • If your system is reliable and can be considered the 'source of truth' in terms of products availability, pricing and bookings database
  • If you want to use Rezdy to distribute your availability to resellers & agents (Channel Manager)
  • If you have IT capability to build and maintain the connector that Rezdy needs to call.

Getting started

Detailed specification of the RezdyConnect API is available here:

RezdyConnect specification

Sample Java client with a boilerplate code to start your implementation with:

RezdyConnect boilerplate

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To request a new feature or vote for other requests, please visit:

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