Agent: API FAQ

General Commercial FAQ

Question: Is Rezdy a wholesaler or taking payment for my bookings?

Rezdy is a software company providing a cloud/SaaS reservation & distribution engine to tours, activity and attraction suppliers. We do not sell travel or take payment for reservations you make with suppliers using the Rezdy platform. Our mission is provide is to provide a neutral switch where suppliers can work with their agents and vice versa.

Question: How will I be paid for bookings made with suppliers that use Rezdy?

Rezdy is not involved in the contracting, payment or settlement process between suppliers and agents. All negotiations stay and remain between  you and your supplier. The Rezdy system supports various payment settings that the supplier and certified agents can setup:

  • Full Payment to agent
  • Downpayment to Agent
  • Full payment to supplier
  • No payment tracked

Rezdy also provides an automated payment (Payout) solution, where customer payments are automatically split between supplier and agent. In that case agents do not need to contract with each supplier. Read more about automated payments.

Question: Are there other options to build online bookings into my website other than using the Rezdy API?

 APIs are designed for programmers, so if you don’t speak any computer language, we have solutions that should be easier for you to use. Rezdy provides a range of plugins for you to integrate on your website, that don’t involve using our API directly.

Question: What kind of information can I get from the Rezdy API?

The Rezdy API can provide product details, availability information, and allow your application to send and retrieve bookings.

Question: How can I promote that I am a connected agent  to suppliers that use Rezdy?

Rezdy can help you in a number of ways promoting the integration to our customers.

  • Within the Rezdy system we can promote featured agents and direct suppliers straight to the benefits of working with you.
  • Via Social Media and our monthly newsletter we will promote the connection.
  • Subject to agreement we can run a media release regarding the connection and its advantages.
  • If you require certain types of products speak to us and our account managers will work with existing customers or find new suppliers for you.  Our account managers have had great success doing this for recent API connected agents and it becomes a win:win for all involved.

Question: Do  suppliers need to invite me to be an agent within Rezdy, how does this work?

No. with an agent account you instantly have access to every supplier’s marketplace rates, and can make bookings using automated payments. Suppliers can also individually share specific preferred rates with you, and change payment rules.

Question: Are pickups supported in the API. Can I get a list of the pickup locations with address and pickup times for a product and use them when creating a booking?

Yes, follow this article about pickups usage in the API.

Integration FAQ

Question: Do I still need to send my agent booking confirmations to suppliers.

No, Rezdy will send booking confirmation notification emails to suppliers. All bookings will automatically drop into the Orders section for the Tour Operator which is one of the major benefits of Rezdy.

Question: Do we need to send a booking confirmation to customers when we make a reservation.

Rezdy will send booking confirmations directly to customers when a booking is made. You can disable this email when sending bookings through the API.

Question: Sometimes we agree discounts with operators.  These discounts are often exclusive and other times they may apply across the board for all agents. How do we process these reservations in Rezdy when the discounted prices are not set up by the operator in Rezdy.

We have an agent option that allows you to override the supplier’s prices.

Question: Is it possible to search the products by address, including country, region, city, etc.

You can only search products by geolocation (latitude and longitude). In such case we will return products up to 500 km away, ordered by distance from that point.
We expect a client system to have some caching or database layer, where you store products you are reselling. You should not make an API query for each end-user request.