Suppressing customer notification emails

You are able to suppress Rezdy's notifications to customers when creating or cancelling a booking. You can then send emails & SMS from your own system instead.

To disable them, send the flag "sendNotifications" = "false" in the booking object in POST /bookings e.g.:

	"customer": {},
	"items": [],
	"sendNotifications": false

The flag is only used per request and is not stored.

To suppress notifications when cancelling a booking, you must set it as query parameter in the cancellation request:

DELETE /bookings/{orderNumber}?sendNotifications=false

It is not possible to disable Rezdy's notifications to suppliers and agents. Only the customer notifications can be disabled.

Note: Rezdy emails may include QR codes (if enabled by supplier), which suppliers can use to check-in  participants using our mobile apps, see (QR Code Scanner ). If you decide to use your own emails, the booking QR code should be included in the e-mails. The QR code is the Rezdy orderNumber.