Booking Fields Format

Please note that we are now enforcing validations on Booking Fields that are being sent through our API. Not only the mandatory fields, but also the format matching their type.

Booking Field Types

Every booking field has a certain type (see bookingFields.fieldType) and their value has to be formatted accordingly. Exception is a string, when the booking field value is a free text.

The bookingFields.fieldType is one of:

  • String
  • Phone
  • List
  • Date
  • Boolean

The following booking field types will need have specific values.


This field must contain a boolean value. Accepted values are 1, 0, TRUE, FALSE, YES, NO (case insensitive matching)

    "label": "I agree to receive marketing emails",
    "value": "true"


This field must be a ISO-8601 date only format yyyy-MM-dd e.g. 1991-01-01

    "label": "Date of Birth",
    "value": "1991-01-01"


This field must be in an international format +41 44 668 18 00, or E164 format +41446681800

    "label": "Mobile",
    "value": "+61484123456"


List types need to match one of the predefined values, common list types are the following:


This field must be in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes format e.g. Australia -> au, United States -> us (case insensitive matching)

    "label": "Country",
    "value": "AU"


Valid genders that are accepted through our API will be: MALE and FEMALE. (case insensitive matching)

    "label": "Gender",
    "value": "MALE"


Valid titles that are accepted through our API will be: MR, MS, MRS, MISS. (case insensitive matching)

    "label": "Title",
    "value": "MISS"