Automated and Manual payments

A booking request is slightly different when using manual versus automated payment.

Automated payment must be used for booking a product without having any negotiated rate with the product's supplier, or when the supplier has explicitly chosen to use automated payments with a negotiated rate. For more details about the payment types see the articles about Rezdy Marketplace.

The automated payments are denoted by a field in the product response agentPaymentType:"PAYOUTS", other values including FULL_AGENT, DOWNPAYMENT, FULL_SUPPLIER, NONE are different types of manual payments.

Manual payment booking request

For manual payments (payment taken by the agent, not processed through Rezdy), you must send a "payments" field with details of the payment, for the booking to be marked as fully paid:

  "payments": [
      "type": "CREDITCARD",
      "amount": "200",
      "currency": "USD",
      "date": "2017-10-01T10:26:00Z",
      "label": "Payment processed by RezdyDemoAgent"

To see how to process Stripe credit card payments, please follow the booking flow described in RezdyPay and Automated payments processing

Automated payments booking request

Automated payments must be processed by Stripe on the Rezdy's account, thus we need a credit card token issued by Stripe to process the customer payment, e.g.:

    "cardToken": "tok_123xyzcyKLM1234abcXYABC"  

Note: You must generate the token using a PCI-compliant solution provided by Stripe, like Stripe.js or Stripe Elements. You cannot generate the token with server-to-server Stripe API. Please follow the booking flow described in RezdyPay and Automated payments processing

Any payment passed in the "payments" field in this case, are considered as payments processed by the agent. E.g. agent discounts given to a customer, and only reduce the agent's commission. This can result in an errorĀ "The selling price is too low to cover agent commission.", if the amount after discount/external payment is lower than the supplier's net price + automatic payment booking fee.

Details about the agent discounts.

Full sample booking requests.