Automated and Manual payments

A booking request is slightly different when using manual versus automated payment.

Automated payment must be used for booking a product without having any negotiated rate with the product's supplier, or when the supplier has explicitly chosen to use automated payments with a negotiated rate. For more details about the payment types see the articles about Rezdy Marketplace.

The automated payments are denoted by a field in the product response agentPaymentType:"PAYOUTS", other values including FULL_AGENT, DOWNPAYMENT, FULL_SUPPLIER, NONE are different types of manual payments.

Manual payment booking request

For manual payments (payment taken by the agent, not processed through Rezdy), you must send a "payments" field with details of the payment, for the booking to be marked as fully paid:

  "payments": [
      "type": "CREDITCARD",
      "amount": "200",
      "currency": "USD",
      "date": "2017-10-01T10:26:00Z",
      "label": "Payment processed by RezdyDemoAgent"

Automated payments booking request

Automated payments must be processed by Stripe on the Rezdy's account, thus we need a credit card token issued by Stripe to process the customer payment, e.g.:

    "cardToken": "tok_123xyzcyKLM1234abcXYABC"  

Note: You must generate the token using a PCI-compliant solution provided by Stripe, like Stripe.js or Stripe Elements. You cannot generate the token with server-to-server Stripe API.

Any payment passed in the "payments" field in this case, are considered as payments processed by the agent. E.g. agent discounts given to a customer, and only reduce the agent's commission. This can result in an errorĀ "The selling price is too low to cover agent commission.", if the amount after discount/external payment is lower than the supplier's net price + automatic payment booking fee.

Details about the agent discounts.

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