API Changelog

Released changes:


RezdyPay payment gateway has been upgraded and Rezdy uses a new Stripe platform account, to process automated payment bookings, or manual payment bookings with credit card charged though RezdyPay. As a result, new publishable keys need to be used to create a Stripe token.

Staging environment: pk_test_5nODbTMiGQCMOHg0Nt5LzQUV00CcWuIksX  
Production environment: pk_live_51H4gSPHO6p5n6bFnuGRLb84FCiptIUAwmgYaBubvp5A09HujFx54ExvLkXOufEcqrHsaCWvnmZfO33efkIFVbpIv00PkoJDRDA  

More details are in RezdyPay and Automated payments processing article


  • New product isApiBookingSupported field has been added to Product response model.

It provides a convenient way to find out if a product booking is supported via API. Some product types or pricing types or their combinations are not supported in API. If you are planning to implement a booking flow via API, you should filter out the products, if the value of this field is set as false.


  • Order level barcodes are now supported, this will always be present as an element in the fields attribute of the Booking model. { "orderNumber": "R12345", ... "fields": [ { "label": "Barcode", "value": "6000125341" } ] }


  • POST /products/{productCode} and PUT /products/{productCode} can now create "Hidden" booking fields. Hidden booking fields will not be shown to the customer during the booking and are intended for internal use.
  • See Create Product Request and Update Product Request


  • POST /products/{productCode} and PUT /products/{productCode} now has the ability to determine how to output barcodes when a booking is created for that product. This can be achieved by populating the barcodeOutputType field. Current values support are:
    • PARTICIPANT: Barcodes will be generated per participant when the product has been booked
    • ORDER: Barcodes will be generated only for the order when the product has been booked
  • See ResponseProduct for more field description


  • GET /bookings/{orderNumber} now returns barcodeType which specifies the format in which the booking barcodes are in. Rezdy supports "TEXT", "QR_CODE", "CODE_39", "CODE_128", "EAN_8", "EAN_13", "ITF".


  • A booking reseller and a supplier can use PUT /bookings/{orderNumber} to update resellerReference and pickup locationName fields


  • Updating product price options are now possible through the PUT /products/{productCode} endpoint


  • RezdyConnect specification is no longer part of Public API, it has been upgraded and moved to RezdyConnect (2.0.0) portal


  • Product update service now supports internalCode update



  • Agents are allowed to update resellerReference field in PUT /bookings/{orderNumber}



  • Api key can be send as HTTP header named apiKey instead of a query parameter e.g. apiKey: abcd123


  • New fields have been exposed in Product responses including:
    • qrCodeType
    • waitListingEnabled
  • See ResponseProduct for more field description



  • Booking search service now supports filtering by date created Please note that the createdSince parameter has been deprecated. Use minDateCreated to include bookings that were created after or on this date. Use maxDateCreated to include bookings that were created before or on this date.
  • Booking responses will now show Supplier Alias and Agent Alias.


  • Booking search service now includes bookings in PROCESSING status in the result list. The PROCESSING status can be used in a supplier's API integration for 2 steps booking process, when a temporal reservation is created to hold availability. The PROCESSING bookings are normally released after 60 minutes, if they are not confirmed.


  • New Extra CRUD endpoint and service. A product now can have Extras added to it.


  • New product configurations supported in the product create service, including custom booking field types and product fixed price. See updated Create products article


  • You should now use the same Stripe publishable key for all currencies, when generating tokens for automated payments. We will accept old keys until at least until 30 November 2018, but please migrate to the new keys below:

TEST: pk_test_wGcSehTxQDTLoMRVl6Gv45zy
PROD: pk_live_zKs28ywqmpH5K6Vz9moNGwiM


  • New fields supported in product update service including confirmMode, confirmModeMinParticipants, minimumNoticeMinutes, durationMinutes


  • New endpoints for creating, updating and retrieving pickup lists accompanied by a new PickupList model
  • Added support for setting a pickup for a product through creating and updating products. To add a pickup list to a product simply:
  • All taxes and fees applied to a booking item will be now exposed through the totalItemTax field as part of the Booking "items" field.
  • Added support for taxes/fees associated with a specific product. This field is available through get product


  • Validation for booking field types such as Date of birth, Country, Gender, Title, Marketing are now enforced. Those values that do not comply will not be saved, but rather be appended to the booking comments. See the expected booking fields format


  • Product cancellationPolicyDays field will now only be shown for marketplace products.
  • Product cancellationPolicyDays for products that are shared between agents with AUTOMATED payments will still be shown


  • New product tag filters for search marketplace products. The product tags are part of the product model and can be retrieved via product search/get services.



  • Product update service now supports updating product terms & conditions


  • New field resellerReference added to booking object. It is designed to hold the booking number in an agent system, when it is different from the Rezdy booking number.



  • Test API endpoints have changed to be more consistent with our production environment:
  • In accordance with Stripe's PCI Compliance requirements, Stripe tokens generated to process Automated payments must use a client-side library. You must use CheckoutElements, or mobile libraries to perform this process, client-side. Tokens generated via API will no longer be accepted.


  • Allow PUT /bookings/{orderNumber} to update resellerComments field


  • Added services to create and update products:

    • create a product: POST /products
    • delete a product: DELETE /products/{productCode}
    • add a product image: POST /products/{productCode}/images
    • delete a product image: DELETE /products/{productCode}/images/{imageId}

    More details in this article.

  • Added information about visible – optional product booking fields: "visiblePerParticipant": true|false, "visiblePerBooking": true|false to BookingFields model

  • Booking update, for manual payment bookings. Currently, these fields can be updated using the API:

    • customer – all customer data can be updated
    • "per order" booking fields – all values can be updated, added or deleted
    • "per participant" booking fields – all values can be updated, added or deleted
    • order status – only supplier’s for suppliers

    More details in this article.


  • Search products by languages


  • Supplier’s promocodes and vouchers redemption supported in a booking request and quote calculation


  • Added new field commissionIncludesExtras to Product – Flag if agent receive commission from extras, or not


  • Support for agent payments for automated payments agents bookings – all payments in the booking request, will reduce the agent commission.
  • Support for agent price override for automated payments agents bookings – if the item amount is specified, the agent commission is adjusted by the difference between the catalog and agent price.


  • Added product additionalInformation to Product data model – Additional information for the product, that should be sent after a booking is completed (i.e. by email) to the customer. Useful for integration, when manual control of the entire customer booking experience is wanted, and the automatic confirmation e-mail from Rezdy had been suppressed.


  • Automated payments agents bookings, now show Commission without Rezdy Fee in the response.


  • sendNotifications field is now supported in DELETE /bookings/{orderNumber} too
  • added new search parameter updatedSince to GET /bookings – Only load bookings updated after this time


  • Added new fields to show links between Vouchers and Orders.
    • GET /bookings shows the voucher numbers + statuses, that were generated when the order was created and created gift card.
    • GET /vouchers shows the "source" order of the voucher.


  • Removed the "3 months max range" rule when requesting availability.
  • Default pagination limit increased to 100 instead of 30 in all search services using pagination


  • Pickups support:
    • Added new service method GET /products/{productCode}/pickups to list pickup locations.
    • Added pickupLocation to BookingItem data model, to specify the pickup location name when creating a booking and display pickup address, time and instructions in the booking response.
  • Added product locationAddress to Product data model.


  • Added new fields value and valueType to Voucher data model.


  • TRANSFER product types without return can be booked through the Public API


  • Added new Company endpoint with service:
    • GET /companies/{companyAlias} – Retrieve Company details by it’s alias
  • Added minimumNoticeMinutes field to Product data model – Minimum book ahead interval for the product in minutes.


  • Added new Resources endpoint with services:

    • GET /resources – Retrieve all supplier resources.
    • GET /resources/session –  Retrieve resources assigned to the session.
    • GET /resources/{resourceId}/sessions – Retrieves all sessions for a specified resource within the start/end datetime range.
    • PUT /resources/{resourceId}/session/{sessionId} –  Add a  resource to a session.
    • DELETE /resources/{resourceId}/session/{sessionId} – Removes a resource from a session.
  • New service methods in Manifest endpoint:

    • PUT /manifest/checkinSession – Store Check-in / No show flag for everyone in a specified session.
    • PUT /manifest/checkinOrderSession – Place Check-in a / No show flag for the specified order item.
    • DELETE /manifest/checkinSession – Remove Check-in / No show flag from everyone in the whole session.
    • DELETE /manifest/checkinOrderSession – Remove Check-in / No show flag for the specified order item.
  • Added duration fields to Product data model

  • Support of orderStatus field in supplier’s Booking request


  • Added localized date/time fields: startTimeLocal and endTimeLocal can be used to search and display availability in the supplier’s timezone.
  • Added new fields to Product data model: dateCreated and dateUpdated. Also added updatedSince attribute to GET /products/marketplace endpoint
  • Added new fields to Product data model when calling GET /products/marketplace as an agent: cancellationPolicyDays. This is only used for Automated Payments (agentPaymentType = PAYOUTS)
  • Added search by supplierAlias to GET /products/marketplace endpoint
  • Added automatic refund when canceling an Automated payments booking


  • Added support for DATE_ENQUIRY and NO_DATE booking modes for /availability and /bookings calls. When calling /availability for these products, one session per day will always be returned.
  • Added new fields to Product data model:  confirmModeMinParticipants
  • Added new fields to Product data model when calling GET /products/marketplace as an agent: agentPaymentType, maxCommissionPercent, maxCommissionNetRate

2015-07-27 – Marketplace release

  • The API service /products/partners has been deprecated and replaced by a new service /products/marketplace with many more filters.
  • Some constants were renamed, especially Order source PARTNERS to MARKETPLACE_PREF_RATE, and COMMUNITY to MARKETPLACE.


  • Added support for multiple product codes to the GET /availability endpoint. Use "&productCode=P11111&productCode=P22222&productCode=P33333" to request availability for multiple products in the same request


  • Added images to Extras


  • New endpoint to validate a booking and calculate totals before it’s created: POST /bookings/quote
  • Added support for Credit Card payments to the POST /bookings endpoint
  • Fixed incorrect min/max quantities for DOUBLE, TRIPLE and QUAD price options



  • Fix an issue with mandatory fields required "once per booking".


  • Added currency attribute to products


  • Fix group price options. Use correct label and show min/max participant values for each group price.


  • New Category endpoint to load categories and products within categories. 3 new services are available:
    • GET /categories
    • GET /categories/{categoryId}
    • GET /categories/{categoryId}/products


  • Added new attributes to filter the GET /bookings results. You can now filter by product, booked date, and only load new bookings created since a set date.


  • Added validation and fixed issues with product Extras when making a new booking


  • Order source has been deprecated for new booking requests. Bookings created by API will now always have source=API. Availability will always be checked for API bookings and minimum bookahead rules will always be enforced. Mandatory fields will not be enforced for supplier bookings.
  • You can now use Booking.sendNotifications (true/false, default true) to control if automated notifications should be sent to the customer or not when making a new booking through the API.
  • New Availability endpoints for suppliers: Create/Delete/Update availability
  • Added pagination to calls that return multiple items. Defaults to 30 results, max 100 per request


  • Added timezone to Product resource (Product.timezone)
  • Added supplier general terms and conditions to Product resource (Product.generalTerms)
  • New Booking endpoint: DELETE /bookings/{orderNumber} will cancel a booking
  • Updated documentation


  • Added supplierId attribute to /products/partners to filter products by supplier
  • Simplify price option and quantity mapping when making bookings
  • Added confirmation mode to Product resource (Product.confirmMode)