Commission calculation and agent discounts

Call service GET bookings/quote to obtain a quote for an order. You can pass the same booking object in the quote request as for the POST booking. The service calculates the order amount, commission, etc. the same way as the booking service. See a sample service response with an explanation below (some unrelated fields were omitted in this booking object)

quote response

Commission calculation

The commission calculation depends on a couple of things.

Firstly, we look for negotiated rates a supplier sent to the agent. If no rates were shared, the supplier's marketplace rates will be used.

For each product, the commission rate can either be a Percentage, or a Net rate.

The total commission for the booking is a sum of the commissions calculated for each booked item (different commission calculation can be applied on each item)

If supplier specified Net Rate commission for the booked item product, the commission is calculated as a difference between the price and the net rate. E.g. 

item amount = $100,
net rate = $85
item commission = $15

If supplier specified Percentage commission, the commission is the specified percentage of the amount.

item amount = $100,
percentage = 20%
item commission = $20

Supplier can choose, if the Percentage commission includes extras, in such case, the calculation is:

items amount = $100,
item extras amount = $50
percentage = 20%
item commission = $30

Item commission is the real commission amount, which agent receives, if the automated payments were used, the Rezdy booking fee is not included in the item commission. The item commission will calculated as follow:

item amount = $100,
Rezdy fee = 5%
percentage = 20%

item commission (calculated commission - Rezdy fee) = $15

Commission with custom price

Supplier can allow agents to override item amount. In that case, an agent can specify an amount for each booked item, in the booking request. 

amount override

If the booking is made by an agent, the commission is adjusted by the price difference:

item catalog price= $100,
item amount (overridden by agent) = $105,
net rate = $85
item commission (item amount - net rate) = $20 

In the case of percentage commission:

item catalog price= $100,
item amount (overridden by agent) = $105,
percentage = 20%
item commission (percentage commission - (item amount - item catalog price)) = $25

Price override can be used to provide agent discounts for a product as well, same formulas apply:

item catalog price= $100,
item amount (overridden by agent, $5 discount) = $95,
net rate = $85
item commission (item amount - net rate) = $10 

There are a few additional rules which apply for the overridden amount:

If manual payments are used, agent can specify arbitrary amount, but the total commission will be adjusted, so the amount will never be less then 0.

If automated payments are used, the amount as has to be at least as high, that the calculated agent commission amount (commission minus Rezdy Fee) will not be negative. A booking request will lower amount will fail.

Agent discounts

(applicable for bookings using automated payments only)

There might be situations when you as an agent would like to provide a discount for a booking. E.g. to make a promotion by issuing agent vouchers. Agent discounts will not affect the amount of money, the supplier receive from the booking, they will only lower the commission - similar as lowering the price with the custom price. Advantage is, it's working with the all products with automated payment, the supplier does not need to allow agents to override item amount.

To do a booking with the agent discount, specify all discount payments in the "payments" section.

Sample booking request with $5 agent discount:

discount payment

Commission with the agent discount

item catalog price= $100,
discount payments = $5,
net rate = $85
item commission (item amount - net rate - discount payments) = $10